We Found The Perfect Holi Outfit Inspo For EVERY Type Of Style: House of Stori Edition

A kurta isn't just an outfit; it's a companion on life's journey, offering ease and grace with every step, and a touch of cultural charm.

There's excitement in the air as the festival of colours draws near. And what better way to embrace the warmth of the spring season, and the new beginning than by infusing freshness into your wardrobe? With Holi approaching, we are sure you may have parties, or gatherings to attend, for which you would want to dress your best! But if you are in a dilemma about what outfit to wear for your holi celebrations, we have come to your rescue!

The perfect OOTD for Holi is a stylish kurta for men, which is the perfect fusion of tradition with a modern twist. At House of Stori, we take pride in combining classic charm with modern style, and our patterned kurtas for men are the ideal combination of style and playfulness. With our carefully chosen selection of Holi-ready attire, get ready to draw attention and spread happiness! 

Get Holi-Ready with the Coolest Kurta Designs for Men

Lookbook 1: Denim Kurta for Laid-Back Holi Look

Look no further if you're wondering what to wear to your Holi celebration! All your doubts related to what to wear can be solved to perfection with denim kurtas. These are ideal for any festive occasion since they combine casual comfort with a stylish flair. You can wear them with jeans, trousers, or even pajamas! Denim kurtas also go well with almost every footwear, so feel free to wear any style of shoes you choose. With these stylish casual kurtas for men, you can up your Holi ensemble game and embrace the newest trend. 

Lookbook 2: Blue Solid Colour Kurta for After Holi Party 

Have to attend the after-party, but not sure what to wear? Well, you can never go wrong with the Blue Solid stylish colour Kurta from House of Stori. Enhance your style with its unique features such as long sleeves, mandarin collar designs, and in regular size. This casual kurta is designed to keep you comfortable in any weather and is tailored to fit all body types perfectly. Its elegant design and royal blue colour effortlessly set your look apart along with the perfect blend of style and comfort. 

Lookbook 3: Cream Printed Kurta for your Holi Lunch 

When it comes to Holi, nothing beats the simplicity of a crisp cream printed kurta for men. This is the perfect OOTD for enjoying a Holi lunch with friends. Made from natural fibers sourced directly from cotton plants, it feels like a breath of fresh air. Embrace the warmth of the occasion, knowing you're dressed in cozy, breathable attire, and enjoy the festivities with confidence and comfort. For those men looking for an ideal Holi outfit, pair your kurta with white pants or pajamas. You can also add a pop of colour by accessorizing with a vibrant scarf or bandana for a fun touch.

Lookbook 4: Green Printed Kurta for Office Holi Bash

Holi is a time for fun and bringing people together, even in the workplace. Why not spread some festive cheer by wearing our green cotton short-sleeved printed kurta for men that can be your signature dress this season to the office Holi party? Let's add a splash of colour to the festivities while enjoying the spirit of togetherness. Get ready to celebrate in style and create lasting memories with your colleagues.

Lookbook 5: Host in Style with Black Linen Kurta

Are you gearing up to host an epic Holi party? Then you surely need this classic black colour solid casual kurta for men in your wardrobe. Get yourself ready to welcome friends and family in this cozy solid black colour short-sleeved linen kurta. You'll feel relaxed and stylish, even while moving in every nook and corner making your guests feel comfortable. It’s time to create unforgettable moments together with House of Stori, filled with laughter, joy, and plenty of colour!

Easy Styling Tips to Add An Extra Touch of Oomph to Your Look

Choosing the Right Colours for Holi Outfits: To maintain a modest yet effortlessly elegant style for Holi, use muted colours like pastel blues or soft greens from House of Stori's kurta line. These hues give a cool touch to traditional Holi clothing while also enhancing the joyful atmosphere.

Fabric Considerations for Comfort and Durability : When selecting fabrics for the festivities, consider opting for lightweight and breathable materials such as cotton or linen to ensure comfort. It is also beneficial to prioritize fabrics that dry quickly, as this will allow you to fully enjoy the celebrations without being weighed down by damp clothing.

Layering Techniques for Versatile Look: Adding a lightweight cotton waistcoat over your stylish kurta can enhance the versatility of your outfit, providing both style and comfort. It allows for easy adjustments throughout the day and adds a subtle touch of sophistication to your Holi look. To add a pop of colour and flair, you may want to consider accessorizing with a vibrant scarf or dupatta, effortlessly adding personality to your ensemble.

Add Accessories to Add Personal Style: Consider adding colourful sunglasses or a stylish hat to protect yourself from the sun and add a fun element to your outfit. To achieve a perfect blend of Indo-western style, you may want to think about incorporating a statement watch or chain with your casual kurta for men to enhance your look and display your style during the festivities.


Holi ensemble isn't just about clothing – it's a reflection of your spirit and style. Whether you opt for vibrant colours or subtle hues, each choice tells a story of celebration and joy. So, as you prepare to dive into the festivities, let your outfit speak volumes about who you are with the ethnic ensemble for the festival of colours. And when it comes to finding the perfect kurta, look no further than the House of Stori. Shop our ethnic collection of stylish kurtas online and let your Holi look brighter than ever before!












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