If you’re looking for the next best thing in outerwear, look no further than Outdoor United. Alongside their on-trend and stylish pieces, they also pride themselves in their ethical and eco-conscious mission statement of responsible fashion. OUTDOOR UNITED is dedicated to transparent production, uses eco-friendly and recycled fabrics, and produces 100% cruelty-free merchandise. They are counter-balancing our disposable lifestyles by crafting outfits that you will want to wear, for more than one season.

At OUTDOOR UNITED they use no animal products whatsoever. That means no duck down, no cattle leather, no fox fur – NO EXCEPTIONS. They are a premium vegan clothing company who knows better, so they do better.

It is a rare find to come across a company that proves it is possible to have high quality designs and garments whilst maintaining an ethical and responsible ethos. 

Within their range you can find pieces such as, The Aero, a simple and sleek design which becomes an eye-catching staple you need in your winter wardrobe. Ideal for everyday wear, it’s water and wind resistant and conveniently packs down into its own pocket. This lightweight, performance packable is the extra protection from the elements you need. You also have the more luxurious option of the Hercules. The Hercules Storm Coat is a luxurious, heavy-duty, faux-fur lined parka designed to keep you fashionable and warm. Water and wind resistant, made with a double wax coating, and Primaloft Black Insulation, The Hercules was designed for Winter’s worst.

Their designs are the perfect combination of practical winter wear, and on trend fashion to give you optimal results. Considering all aspects, they are also extremely reasonable, with prices ranging from $190-$595, and become a brilliant investment that will last you years of wear. 

Outdoor United has quickly become one of MFM’s go to designers for a one stop shop with zero chance of disappointment. 

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