Still single? Give these formal shirts a chance

We understand how does it feel to be single on Valentine's Day. How does it feel when everyone, including your guy friends, have a date and all you are doing is sitting at home and watching a random web series or a movie.

Is that because you are unromantic or is it because you don't take yourself seriously when it comes to styling? Well, we can't make you look like SRK in a day, but we can transform your dress sense with formal shirts. So, what are we waiting for? Let's get started.

Dress To Impress, This Valentine's!

  1. Grooming is important

Did you know that women have a thing for men who prefer formal shirts more often.? Formal shirts for men lend a clean and sophisticated appeal. If you don't believe us try pairing dress shirts with denim or formal trousers and thank us later!

Speaking about grooming, start with trimming the nose hair and beard. Second, don't forget to shampoo and condition your hair. Next, is doing a skincare routine. 

When we talk about doing a skincare routine, it's essential to use a face mask, scrub, and a gentle face wash according to your skin type. Complete it with face cream and lip balm.

Now, when we are done with the face regime, it's time to pick the ideal men's formal shirt for you.

Green Formal Shirt

  1. Comfortable shirts

Regardless of what you wear, it needs to be comfortable. The wide range of formal shirts from House Of Stori are comfortable, classy and crafted for occasions like Valentine's Day. 

Team your white formal shirt with blue regular-fit denim. Layering your attire with a denim jacket will offer a laid-back appeal.

White Formal Shirt

Let the first three buttons of your shirt remain open. You can even try this Red Power Stretch Shirt from House Of Stori. The Power Stretch feature enhances your solace and offers an adequate amount of stretch. Moreover, styling this men's shirt with a pair of black formal trousers and derby shoes makes you date ready. Roll up your sleeves for a casual look.


  1. Smelling good

Just like men, women get attracted to men who smell delicious as a good fragrance is enough to turn on your partner. 

While it is simple to spot physical cues of attraction, a person's barely perceptible odour can reveal a lot about their desire for taking their relationship to the next level. Furthermore, a person's sense of smell also increases when they are aroused (thanks to the increased blood flow).

Black Shirt

To make the moment intense, apply a generous amount of perfume on areas like pulse points, behind the ears, and neck. 


Bonus Tip:

  • Colours:

When it's about looking stylish and occasion appropriate, you must opt for men's formal shirts in colours like red, black, and white. If you don't feel confident in a red hue, go for either black or white shirts or you can even shop from the brand's wide range of formal shirts.

Purple Formal Shirt

A dark-coloured shirt looks appropriate with a lighter shade of trousers. For a fashionable statement, you can opt for a monochrome appearance, it's just you should know how confident you will feel in it. 

Styling isn't about going crazy with the silhouettes, it's about keeping things simple and wearing them as if it's crafted just for you.

Last Thoughts

You can never go wrong with formal shirts for men. Additionally, they are incredibly adaptable, going great with both casual and tailored attire. And especially when you are shopping for Valentine's Day, you can't just go with any brand. Henceforth, we recommend you to shop from The House Of Stori.

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