Men's jeans: The ultimate guide

For a long time, various types of jeans have been a core part of the men's wardrobe. We've compiled a comprehensive reference on the many sorts of jeans that fit and men's body shapes they best suit. If you're wondering, "Which pair of jeans should I buy?", then keep in mind that you are not alone.

The majority of men are bored of trying the varied sorts of jeans. Trying on jeans is time-consuming, especially with so many options available for every man's body type. There are a variety of jeans styles to choose from and once you've found your perfect fit, shopping for jeans becomes easier. If you're still wondering what type of jeans for men you should buy, don't worry, we have you covered.

Different Jeans Fits

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The Regular Fit

Simply put, it's a comfortable, non-clingy fit that allows you to move with ease. Make sure you have the legs to fill them out, or you'll risk straying into the dad-jeans zone, which is, oddly, a thing in some fashion circles. Combine this look with neat-fitting work wear like chore jackets and plaid shirts, as well as a strong pair of lace-up boots. 

The Straight Fit

The straight-fit is a classic choice, particularly for a gentleman who wants to look good in denim without getting into tighter fits. This fit is also quite flexible. Make sure it fits comfortably across your top half, with no excess denim at the back.

The Slim Fit

The most well-considered style is the slit-fit design. It falls somewhere between regular and slender cuts and flatters most body types. Slim fits might be cropped or tapered at the bottom. A decent pair of slim-fit blue jeans will go with almost everything, including a fitted jacket, a thick knit sweater, or just a plain white t-shirt, sneakers, or leather loafers.

The Skinny Fit

Skinny jeans are defined as being slim from the waist to the ankle. These don't provide much in the way of mobility. These aren't recommended for thicker men because they can be overly tight. Despite the fact that many people advise slim guys to dress in oversized clothes to balance out their frames, pants should always be chosen with the body in mind. These will undoubtedly give you a refined appearance.

Choose the Right Fabric

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The balance of yarn thickness, eventual imperfections, and weave density makes perfect denim. It's similar to the equilibrium of a grounded personality, a person with enough voice to be heard without dominating the entire room.

Dry Denim

Unwashed denim is often known as raw denim. It has a rich indigo color due to the fact that it is unwashed after dyeing. This denim is stiff, and the wearer must break them in before wearing them. Because of their dark color, these jeans are a terrific all-arounder that will go with practically anything, from suits to T-shirts and hoodies.


Twill is a cloth having a diagonal weave. The right-hand twill is seen in most denim, which means the diagonal lines climb from left to right. Some enthusiasts like left-hand twill because it runs in the other direction and has a gentler feel.

Stretch Denim

A small amount of elasticated waistband has been added to this denim’s waistline to give it more flexibility and comfort. It was first launched in 1960.

Selvedge Denim

"Selvedge" or "self-edge" refers to a finishing technique in which the denim fabric's edge is produced to prevent unraveling and extend the material's lifespan. Because selvedge denim is woven on antique looms, it is produced in only a few places.

Choose the Right Details

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When a pair of jeans has been chain stitched with a Union Special sewing machine, this term is used to describe the crinkled effect on the hem. It can also refer to a different hem detail in which a tiny strip of rope is sewed inside a pocket edge to reinforce it while also adding texture.


These are wrinkles that resemble whiskers on the front of pants. They're also known as buffies, which comes from the Italian term baffi, which means "mustache."

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