Formal trousers’ style for today’s modern men


One needs to understand that the words style and fashion are closely linked to each other. On one hand, fashion is what most are wearing and accessories that are trendy. In the other hand, style is a person’s manner or way of dressing, based on their personal choices which may be strictly reliant on the personal comfort level for different clothes. The person will exude confidence, no matter what they wear, by embracing their own specific styles.

Although women are overwhelmed with diverse dress styles and cuts, trousers for men have for a long time been as their formal wear. But even for trousers, there are several different designs and cuts. They are focused on comfort, but also on the look, whatever a man decides to wear to work.

At House of Stori, we have various designs that are considered classics and all men must have at least one pair of these dashing trousers in their wardrobe. Shop from our amazing collection now! Here are some of the top stylish formal trousers for men from our lot.

These black trousers can be paired with many colours! When it comes to classic trousers’ style, the universally popular pant shirt combination is a black pant with a crisp white shirt and a checkered tie, aka the corporate look. You can pick a bold tie or a statement tie pin to make this classic look a bit distinctive!

These are the best-suited pair of pants for men who love to wear striped suits that are well-tailored! With suits and formal shirts, these formal trousers for men look phenomenal, showcasing the structure's broadness. Time to overhaul your wardrobe with these pants.

These pair of trousers perfectly drape around your thighs, especially because the bottoms are hemmed and narrowly tailored, providing a slimmer effect. Since they fit better in a relaxed work atmosphere, these pants are best matched with linen shirts or casual blazers.

    Choosing formal trousers for men relies a lot on the customer and their level of comfort. The atmosphere eventually makes a huge difference, and the way one dresses is determined by personal decisions.

    These were just some of the top formal trousers for men form our collection. If you want to explore more, then visit our website now and never miss any trendy trousers! Just make sure that every body type is different thus everybody needs a pair of trousers that compliments it, and at House of Stori we got you all covered.

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