Form and Function - Cargo pants for men!

Loose, durable and full of pockets for everything you want to organise. Is there anything better than cargo pants for men when you want to take a hike or go out for a sport? Every man has owned a pair of cargos at some point in their lives. Cargo trousers for men are specifically designed for tough outdoor activities and were popular with people living in rural, semi-rural areas, fishermen, military personnel etc. These pants have now gained popularity in urban areas too as they are suitable for carrying items during day trips on foot.

Cargo pants for men were military uniforms first worn by soldiers of the British Armed Forces in 1938. In the mid-1940s, during World War 2, the United States Army started using cargo trousers for men. The large pockets in multiple places allowed the soldiers to keep field dressings, rations, ammunition, maps and other important things which could be accessed quickly. With these pants, there was no need for soldiers to rummage around in their backpacks for every little thing.

After World War 2, cargo pants for men became a staple in the armies across the world and slowly, they became the uniform for EMTs, paramedics, firemen and police officers too, albeit with modifications. According to the professional requirements, the cargo trousers for men are modified and different types of fabric are used. Cargo pants are very popular among hikers and mountaineers as they carry a lot of gear that is needed on the spot. The cargo pants for hikers and mountaineers are insulated and waterproof, to protect them against the weather harsh conditions.

So, how can these champions of functionality and a pure utilitarian clothing article penetrate the fashion world? They did so by having an all-weather and evergreen design. Cargo pants, if paired nicely, can have a great casual look. You can wear these with t-shirts, shirts, hoodies or any other casual wear. 

Here’s how to style cargos with ease:

Cargos as urbanwear.


Cargos are a great addition to your urbanwear wardrobe and if your cargos feature an urban cargo camo like this Brown Printed Lean Fit Cargo Trouser, you can style them with a black or an olive coloured t-shirt to create a rugged, industrial look. You can tie these cargo pants for men up with a white linen shirt to show a cool and composed personality.

Khaki Plain Casual Fit Cargo Trouser

These Khaki plain casual trousers are a great cross between joggers and chinos. House of Stori provide you the comfort and functionality of a cargo and a jogger with looks of a Chino. You can tie this trouser up with literally any casualwear top and wear boots and you will be done for the day!


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