Fashion Alert!! Bring a Fresh Change to Your Wardrobe with Checked Shirts

The check shirt trend is not one that has become popular now but is a staple in every man’s wardrobe. If not, you are in desperate need of a few as they are one of the most versatile pieces of men’s clothing. A checked shirt for men can add a lot of style, pop, colour, and uniqueness to any outfit. Moreover, they can be paired with different outfits and transform them into something entirely different. 

Added bonus: Plaids appeal to women. Isn’t that wonderful? 

Types of Checked Shirts 

You probably call every checked shirt you see checked shirt only, which is quite easy to understand. But did you know that not every checked shirt goes by checked shirt? There are many types in the category, some of which are listed below:

  • Micro Checked Shits
  • Peach check shirt for men - HOS

    The most common type of checked shirt for men is mini checked shirt - a checked pattern with minute evenly sized checks. This pattern gives an understated and refined appearance with its mosaic of tiny squares. 

  • Windowpane Shirts
  • White shirts for men - HOS

    This type of checked pattern consist of thin strips that cross each other and form big check boxes - similar to what you may observe in a windowpane. It is subtle and has a conservative appeal to it, making it ideal for professional settings. 

  • Tartan Plaid Shirt
  • Black shirts for men - HOS

    This kind of checked shirt has uneven checks formed by the horizontal and vertical stripes crossing each other. Tartan Plaid Shirts are most suitable for casual settings. 

  • Multicoloured Checked shirt
  • Orange check shirt for men - HOS

    These dress shirts feature check patterns in multiple colours. Unlike conventional check shirts that contain only two colours, these offer multiple hues, giving off a pop of colours and vibrancy. The colours are either complementary or contrasting to create a different effect altogether. 

    Casual Street Style 

    Style checkered shirt casual in a way to balance both comfort and style. The most basic way to carry a casual street style look is to layer it on a simple plain white T-shirt. Leave the shirt unbuttoned to showcase the white you have worn under. It not only enhances the visual appeal of your whole ensemble but also blends the relaxed and well-put elements seamlessly. Playing with the types of checks and pop of colours is totally up to you according to your personal choices. 

    For a Formal Evening Look 

    While it takes a keen eye to style a checked shirt for a formal evening look, it becomes easy if you keep some things in mind. Combine the checked dress shirt with a suit, bow tie, and a coordinating pocket handkerchief. This carefully put together ensemble is perfect for formal occasions and radiates the perfect male look. 

    Weekend Getaway Style

    Checked shirts can be easily styled for your weekend getaways - does not matter if you are headed to a beach, countryside, or a cozy cabin. Put together a fashionable yet relaxed ensemble that will accentuate your escape look. 

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    Wrapping Up 

    Summing everything up, it would not be wrong to say that a checked shirt for men can easily be paired with various apparel pieces to glide through formal to casual settings in a matter of minutes. Keep your wardrobes ready with checked shirts, who knows when would you need them. Upgrade your wardrobe today by exploring our extensive collection curated especially for you!

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